How To Disinfect Your Car

wiping car interior to disinfect it

People everywhere are paying more attention to cleanliness than ever before. Let’s take a look at some ways you can disinfect your car so you can drive off with a peace of mind. 

Choosing the Right Interior Car Disinfecting Materials

Before you disinfect your car, get familiar with the cleaning agents that are available. Please keep in mind that the materials you would use for cloth upholstery can differ from what you would use on leather. 

Isopropyl alcohol is a popular cleaning agent that is safe to use on most interior surfaces. A proven disinfectant, it can remove many stains, residue, and eliminate bacteria. Isopropyl is not recommended for use on leather as it can deteriorate coating and remove dye from the material itself. 

Use isopropyl alcohol on areas that are frequently touched as you disinfect. These “high contact” areas can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Some common “high contact” areas include the rearview mirror, handles, and knobs.

It is not recommended to use bleach or hydrogen peroxide on any area of your car. Despite its disinfecting abilities, these agents can damage your vehicle’s upholstery. We recommend also avoiding ammonia based cleaners, especially on touch screen displays. They can damage the anti-glare and fingerprinting coatings. 

Disinfecting Leather Interiors

Ivory dish soap and water is more than sufficient to clean any leather interiors. This includes steering wheels, trim and seats. To avoid damaging your leather areas, we advise against scrubbing too hard. 

Alternatively, leather cleaners are efficient disinfectant agents as well. If you opt for a designated leather cleaning agent, make sure to use a leather conditioner as well to further protect your interior. 

Take an Extra Step

After you have finished disinfecting your vehicle, don’t forget to wash your hands before and after driving. This will help you keep your steering wheel and other frequently touched areas cleaner. 

Burnside’s Disinfection Measures

At Burnside Body Shop, we understand that you and your passengers come into contact with a lot. This is why we have established protocols to ensure your vehicle is properly disinfected. 

Our team wears gloves while handling your vehicle and changes them before working on another. We are doing our part to keep transmission of viruses and bacteria as low as possible. 

If you would like more information or tips on how to maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to help!