How To Find The Right Auto Body Shop

Selecting the right auto body shop is a challenge for many people. This is because many people with cars have limited mechanical knowledge and thus do not know what to look for when choosing the ideal auto body shop. This article highlights some of the factors to consider when selecting the perfect auto repair shop.

Ask For Recommendations

Ask for body shop recommendations! Start with your friends or their connections that are knowledgeable about auto body work. Ask them to guide or advise you on some of the places to take your vehicle after an auto accident. 

Also get an opinion from them on how they feel about the services that they received from different shops. If you choose to search on the internet, make sure that you concentrate on the ratings and the reviews that the previous customers have given the company.

Professional Certification

Don’t assume that all the auto body shops in your area are licensed to operate. Make sure that your car is not handled by quacks and is instead handled by the professionals by asking for their professional certifications.
The auto body shop should have a valid operating license and the relevant certifications for the repairs you are getting. The valid certifications and documents should be on public display for easier verification by the public.
At Burnside, we are backed by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) has independently verified that our facility, equipment, personnel, and overall capabilities meet the stringent standards set forth by the Verified Repair Network. Our body shop is equipped to repair all vehicle make and models. Link to blog post on Burnside certifications. 

Specialized Experience

Specialized experience matters when it comes to the selection of the ideal auto body repair shops. Try to find a company that has already been in business long enough to earn a solid reputation in the industry and has staff that are knowledgeable in providing recommendations for your auto body repair needs.

Ask About the Warranty

When selecting a body shop, don’t go in with your wallet open. You need to go in smart. Make sure you are asking some important questions:

  • Does the shop offer a written warranty?
  • How long is the warranty if it is offered?
  • Does your work affect any warranty I have on the product by the manufacturer? 

A minimum to look for when discussing a warranty is one year. Some shops even offer two and three-year warranties.
Keep in mind, while some auto body shops offer lifetime warranties, this is only on specific aspects of your body repair – like paint. Checking in with your manufacturer on warranties on part needed to repair your body damage is another great way to further protect yourself from coming out of pocket with costs.
Before you make a decision based on the benefit of having a warranty to back your purchase, make sure you also read the fine print about the warranty terms. It is important to know what the restrictions are and what your responsibilities are so that your warranty isn’t voided.
At Burnside, we offer a workmanship warranty and Lifetime Paint Performance guarantee using quality products.

Trust your Instincts 

Finally, listen to your gut instinct. It doesn’t matter how many positive reviews you’ve read or how many certifications a shop has; if you don’t feel good about leaving your car with a particular body shop, don’t use them. You deserve to feel confident that your vehicle is in good hands.

Finding the Right Body Shop is Not Impossible 

Finding a good auto body shop doesn’t have to be challenging, but you do need to use the tips and information here. The auto body repair advice provided will help ensure you choose the right service provider for the job.At Burnside Body Shop, we’re upfront with our customers because we know that this is not just our shop, it’s your shop. If you have more questions about the auto body repair process, visit our blog or get in touch with our professional staff. We are happy to help with your auto body repair needs.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you may have been asked if you’d prefer OEM or aftermarket parts during the repair process. Even if you haven’t, accidents happen, and this handy discussion is relevant to any person that may be faced with the dreaded question, “Would you like OEM or aftermarket?”. 

Look, accidents are more than skin deep. It’s important for you to understand the difference so you can make the best decision for you and your car.

What Are OEM Parts?

Original Equipment Manufactured parts, (OEM) parts, are components that we use on or in a vehicle that come from the original equipment’s manufacturer. Understanding the difference between OEM parts and aftermarket parts can help you determine where you need to go for collision repair.

Different Types of Auto Parts

Automotive manufacturers once built every component used in the vehicles that bore their name. However, that is no longer the case, as many companies outsource their parts’ production. The outsourcing doesn’t necessarily impact the quality. The companies that create these products often specialize in parts for specific manufacturers. Whether a replacement part is OEM or aftermarket depends on who manufactured it.

If a vehicle suffers damage in a crash, it might need some of its parts replaced beyond cosmetic repairs. The body shop you take your vehicle to can typically get the parts needed, but the type of parts you get will depend on several factors. One of these is your auto insurance. The three types of parts for automotive repairs are OEM, aftermarket parts, and “recycled” – or used.

Differences Between OEM Parts and Aftermarket Parts

Where you have a repair done will impact what type of parts you get. For example, if you take your vehicle to a dealership, you can be sure you’re getting OEM parts. Independent collision repair shops link Burnside Body Shop are more likely to use aftermarket parts.

The original equipment manufacturer that provides OEM parts is the company that produces the parts used in the production of the vehicle.

In the auto parts world, OEM refers to the company that manufactured the original parts used when the vehicle was newly constructed. Because OEM parts are made by a specific manufacturer to align with a vehicle’s exact specifications, they fit perfectly into that space.

Aftermarket parts refer to those made by any company other than the company the automotive manufacturer contracts with to make its parts. Companies that produce aftermarket parts can make them at a higher volume, and one part might fit multiple makes and models instead of a single vehicle. Aftermarket parts tend to be “good enough”.

Which Parts Are Best?

At Burnside, we believe that OEM parts are better than aftermarket part. Simply put, they are a perfect fit for your vehicle’s make and model. OEM brings you back to that brand-new experience that you received when you first purchased the car. You can also expect these parts to be there for the long-haul. Also, for some vehicle owners, knowing that every component in their car is an OEM part is important. 

Pros and Cons of OEM Parts

As you decide whether to use OEM or aftermarket parts, consider the pros and cons of each:

  • Assurance of quality: When you choose an OEM part, it fits and functions exactly as the part it is replacing. It is the same part as what was originally installed during the manufacturing process. This can provide you with peace of mind knowing how it will perform and its quality.
  • Price: The price of OEM parts have historically been higher than the price of comparable aftermarket parts, but there seems to be a shift in the industry; prices of OEM parts are going down. READ
  • More variety: Hundreds of companies produce aftermarket parts. Some of those companies specialize in a particular set of parts, while others make nearly every part needed for any make and model. With more variety comes more competitive pricing and a wider selection of options.
  • Overwhelming selection: Although more options in aftermarket parts can be a good thing, it can also cause you to feel overwhelmed, especially if you’re not familiar with the different brands and their quality. The wide selection of choices could result in you choosing a lower-quality part. Even something as simple as a spark plug comes from hundreds of brands and in all variations.

At Burnside, we use OEM parts for your collision repair work. There is nothing better than having your car back to its original state. We know you want to keep your vehicle in superb condition for years to come and that is exactly why Burnside Body Shop is here for! You deserve peace of mind. 

Give us a call or check out our website HERE for more information on collision repair.

Why You Should Shop For New Insurance Regularly

Auto insurance is a necessary part of owning a vehicle. You want to make sure that you have appropriate coverage based on state laws and your personal concerns. The challenge is balancing the coverage you need with the costs of protecting your vehicle. Comparing different insurance providers and policies may allow you to cut back on costs for the coverage that you need.


Before taking steps to find a new insurance policy, you want to evaluate your current coverage to determine what you need and whether the current policy meets your needs. Since your situation may change each year, you must ensure that your auto insurance coverage is still appropriate for your situation.

The average auto insurance rates for your vehicle may vary based on the type of coverage you select for your car. When you have collision coverage or comprehensive policies, you may find that your monthly costs are higher than the cost for basic coverage. Look into the current coverage that you have on your vehicle and make sure that it fits your current situation and your needs. You are then able to compare the average auto insurance rates for the type of coverage you select.

Generally, you want to have liability coverage, no-fault coverage, and collision coverage for your vehicle. You may choose to add comprehensive coverage to address concerns related to the weather, theft, vandalism or similar situations. Your policy may also include coverage to pay for rental vehicles after an accident and towing services. Look into the details of your current policy before you start looking into a new insurance provider.


The average auto insurance cost may change over time, so you want to make sure you are aware of current rates and different pricing from insurance providers. As a general rule, you want to compare rates on your auto insurance needs each year.

A key reason to compare and evaluate your options each year is the changes that may arise over time. You may have options to lower your rates when you switch to a new company. Changes to state and local laws, as well as changes to your personal situation, may impact your rates. It is particularly important if you have been in an accident, gotten a DUI, or have other factors that may increase your rates when you stay with the same provider.

Comparing your rates each year allows you to keep the costs of your auto coverage lower than the average rate. It also allows you to address changes to your life that may cause changes to your current policy.


The average auto insurance costs based on a variety of factors. By recognizing the factors that may contribute to the costs of your auto insurance coverage, you are able to find the best policy for your needs at a fair rate.

Common factors that may impact your auto insurance rates include:

  • The type of vehicle you drive
  • Your driving history
  • Auto accidents on your driving record
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • The number of drivers listed on the vehicle
  • Discounts that may apply to your insurance

The specific factors that may impact your rates can vary based on the insurance provider. Some insurance providers may offer discounts for good driving, a student’s grades, military service, or similar factors. In some cases, you may even have a discount due to driving fewer miles than average or working in certain jobs. Comparing insurance providers allows you to find discounts that apply to your specific situation.


Switching policies is a process and you should be aware that insurance providers will look at your credit history. You may notice a short-term adjustment to your credit score from inquiries.

The process of switching your policies is simple, you find a new insurance provider, obtain coverage, and cancel your previous coverage. You may have a short-term overlap of coverage, depending on the timing when you cancel the original policy. Expect your original insurance provider to send confirmation that your coverage is discontinued, and make sure that you have proof of insurance from the new provider to avoid complications if an accident occurs.

Comparing car insurance policies and making a change on a regular basis allows you to maintain reasonable rates. The challenge is ensuring that you find the right policy to fit your needs and your budget. By looking into your options each year, your insurance coverage will keep up with changes to your life and situation. The key is regular inquiries, comparing your rates, and making changes to your policy when it makes sense for your life.


We are proud to have been serving the Greater Modesto Area. Contact Burnside Auto for an estimate for auto body repair.

Tips For Driving to Grandma’s For Thanksgiving

We know how exciting it is to get on the road for the holidays and relive your childhood through memories, good food and family. We also know that before you embark on that road trip, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle maintenance checked so you aren’t inconvenienced during your trip. Because let’s face it, expenses happen when we least expect it. Here is Burnside’s checklist to consider before you take your trip.

What Should I Check For? 

No matter the age of your vehicle, before that road trip to Grandma’s you should be observing your car for any maintenance needs, both big and small. Are you up to date on your oil change? Have you checked your tires? Are your taillights and headlights working properly? 

Remember, a little prevention goes a long way! 

The Maintenance Checklist


  • Rotation: Make sure your tires don’t need to be rotated – unbalanced tires can wear unevenly and eventually impact how smooth your drive is. 
  • Have a Spare: It’s better to have a spare and not need it than to need a spare and not have it. Make your you equip your car with a healthy spare. 
  •  Air Pressure: Essential for a long drive, make sure your tires have a sufficient amount of air and are equal. 
  • Tread: Make sure your tire is free from bald spots or punctures. If you can have it repaired, do it before the trip. If your tire is irreparable have them replaced.


  • Engine Oil: Make sure that you are up to date on your oil change. 
  • Radiator: Check your antifreeze levels and make sure you have a sufficient amount for your trip. 
  • Brake Fluid: Critical and sometimes overlooked, having a sufficient level of brake fluid can make the difference in avoiding a crash. 
  • Transmission: Ensure your vehicle has a suitable amount of transmission fluid. 
  • Windshield: Don’t let the bugs take over your windshield! Make sure your windshield fluid levels are adequate so you can easily keep your visibility up while you drive. 

The Rest: 

  • Lightbulbs: Burned out headlights and taillights can be a safety risk, so make certain they function normally. While you are at it, inspect your turn signal lights and parking lights. You could also update to LED light bulbs for brighter light and reduced power usage. 
  • Air Filter: An inexpensive fix – keep your ride comfortable with cleaner air as you embark on your long trip and replace your filter. 
  • Belts and Hoses:  Have your vehicle inspected for any leaks and have them replaced. 
  • Battery:  Look to ensure the battery terminals are not worn away and that the +/- terminals are tightened. If your automobile starts slowly you might need to replace your battery.
  • Brakes:  Having the ability to stop your automobile capably is key in preventing collisions. Changing your brake fluid, replacing the brake pads, and obtaining new brake rotors could be needed to have a risk-free vehicle for your trip.

Burnside Maintenance 

Want to bring your car to us for an inspection? Feel free to call us and schedule your appointment: (209) 521-6570 or click here to send us your info

Road Trip Ready! 

Now that you have your maintenance done, you and your family are ready to drive safely to Grandma’s! So enjoy the food, fun and festivities that is he holidays. 

5 Ways to Maintain Safety After an Auto Accident

It’s never a good time to have an accident, but, with the pandemic still in full effect, remembering to maintain personal safety measures is so important. Here are Burnside’s top recommendations for maintaining safe social distance practices while handling the aftermath of an accident. 

Assess Your Surroundings

Don’t panic! Take a look at your surroundings immediately after an accident. Determine if you are able to safely exit your vehicle. If the incident occurred in the middle of a trafficked roadway and if feasible, move your vehicle out of the way of incoming traffic. 

View the scene and call 911 if anyone, including yourself, is hurt. If authorities are called to the site, report the damages and answer any questions the officers may have. 

Practice Social Distancing 

Maintain a distance of at least six feet from the driver or their vehicular occupants as you process your damages and take down their information. To further enhance your health safekeeping, put on a face mask just in case your social distancing measures become compromised. 

Safely Capture the Facts

Use your mobile device to collect the facts: you can opt to safely take down insurance information and the other drivers contact information on your cell phone. While maintaining safe distancing, ask to take a photo of the drivers license, identification and insurance card. Make sure you also safely capture images of all damages you have incurred. 

Handle Insurance

When contacting insurance, ask them if they have a mobile friendly option in place to send incident information. Some insurance companies have created apps or programs to file and complete claims digitally to reduce the risks of spreading the virus. Take advantage of your smartphone and inquire when you can. 

Contact Burnside For Repairs

Burnside strives to reduce your stress following an auto collision as much as possible. That’s why if your vehicle requires repairs, we work with your insurance company, no matter who it is. If you obtained photos at the scene of the accident, we are more than happy to have a look to prepare for your visit. 

Burnside understands that accidents are stressful, especially in a pandemic. We hope these tips make handling the logistics of your accident less difficult.

How To Disinfect Your Car

wiping car interior to disinfect it

People everywhere are paying more attention to cleanliness than ever before. Let’s take a look at some ways you can disinfect your car so you can drive off with a peace of mind. 

Choosing the Right Interior Car Disinfecting Materials

Before you disinfect your car, get familiar with the cleaning agents that are available. Please keep in mind that the materials you would use for cloth upholstery can differ from what you would use on leather. 

Isopropyl alcohol is a popular cleaning agent that is safe to use on most interior surfaces. A proven disinfectant, it can remove many stains, residue, and eliminate bacteria. Isopropyl is not recommended for use on leather as it can deteriorate coating and remove dye from the material itself. 

Use isopropyl alcohol on areas that are frequently touched as you disinfect. These “high contact” areas can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Some common “high contact” areas include the rearview mirror, handles, and knobs.

It is not recommended to use bleach or hydrogen peroxide on any area of your car. Despite its disinfecting abilities, these agents can damage your vehicle’s upholstery. We recommend also avoiding ammonia based cleaners, especially on touch screen displays. They can damage the anti-glare and fingerprinting coatings. 

Disinfecting Leather Interiors

Ivory dish soap and water is more than sufficient to clean any leather interiors. This includes steering wheels, trim and seats. To avoid damaging your leather areas, we advise against scrubbing too hard. 

Alternatively, leather cleaners are efficient disinfectant agents as well. If you opt for a designated leather cleaning agent, make sure to use a leather conditioner as well to further protect your interior. 

Take an Extra Step

After you have finished disinfecting your vehicle, don’t forget to wash your hands before and after driving. This will help you keep your steering wheel and other frequently touched areas cleaner. 

Burnside’s Disinfection Measures

At Burnside Body Shop, we understand that you and your passengers come into contact with a lot. This is why we have established protocols to ensure your vehicle is properly disinfected. 

Our team wears gloves while handling your vehicle and changes them before working on another. We are doing our part to keep transmission of viruses and bacteria as low as possible. 

If you would like more information or tips on how to maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to help! 

Burnside Is Part of the Assured Performance Network

What is the Assured Performance Network?

The Assured Performance Network is the largest Certified Business Network in the Auto Industry. For us, being part of the network provides us with business, customer and legal care to help us provide the highest quality service to our customers.

Who Is the Assured Performance Network Partnered With?

The Assured Performance Network is partnered with KIA, FCA, Nissan, Infiniti, Lexus, Toyota and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. These partnerships provide us with the support and ability to repair any of the listed makes. 

The Assured Performance Network Is a Consumer Advocacy Group

Customers in California have the right to choose their body shop. Insurance companies are not allowed to require you to use the body shop they prefer. The Assured Performance Network has changed the way consumers can find quality body shops that have proven their ability to work on the customer’s car. The network created an app that customers can use to find body shops and car repair shops that are in the Assured Performance Network. 

What Do I Receive as a Customer?

If you choose us as your preferred collision repair or body shop, you’ll know that we have the proper tools, training, equipment and customer service capabilities to obtain certifications with tight requirements. Our affiliation with the Assured Performance Network proves that we can ensure the fit, finish, durability, value and safety of your car’s repair.

If you have damage to a KIA, Nissan, Infiniti, Lexus, Toyota or car under the FCA umbrella, be sure in your decision and call us at 209-521-6570 or fill out our online estimation form.

We Are FCA Certified!

What Does FCA Certified Mean?

FCA stands for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. We are certified in the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Collision Care Program. The certification identifies that we have all the critical tools, equipment, training, and facilities to properly repair Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, SRT, Jeep, and Fiat vehicles to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

How Does FCA Certification Benefit Me?

When you take your FCA car to our Modesto body shop for repairs, you know you are getting the highest quality workmanship; equal or greater to that of the dealership for less of the cost.

What Did Burnside Have to Do for FCA Certification?

After we applied, we needed to complete a lengthy assessment on our business capabilities. The assessment is required in order to see if our shop meets the strict standards set by the FCA Collision Care Program.

After our application and assessment was reviewed, we underwent an FCA audit. We were audited by an inspector whose goal was to ensure that we were compliant and meet their requirements. They took images and documentation to prove our compliance.

This certification is a badge to show that we know exactly what we are doing with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Bring your car to our Modesto body shop to ensure you are getting quality repairs done on your Fiat Chrysler Automobile.

If you have any car under the FCA umbrella that needs work, give us a call at 209-521-6570 or fill out our online estimation form. Your car will be in safe hands.

Certified Collision Group

We Joined Certified Collision Group!

We are excited to announce as of April 2020, we are now a part of Certified Collision Group! Certified Collision Group (CCG) is a collection of entrepreneurs whose goal is to provide a lasting competitive advantage to independent repair and body shops to help fuel our long-term prosperity. Thank you to partner, Akzo Nobel paint team who referred us to CCG.

Burnside Body Shop joined Certified Collision Group to help better serve the residents of Modesto and Stanislaus county.

How Did We Join Certified Collision Group?

Burnside needed to meet strict requirements before applying to be part of Certified Collision Group. In order to be a member, we needed to be one of the industry’s best performing repair and body shops. We also needed to have a strong process, to be OE Certified and technically advanced. Not only must our technical skill be next level, but so does our customer’s satisfaction. Our incredible customers’ experiences are the best indicator of our performance.

What’s Next For Our Membership with Certified Collision Group?

Now that we are part of CCG, the network will keep us on track with the fast-paced changes of technology in the auto industry. We will also have access to 50+ preferred vendors through the Preferred Vendor Program. One of the greatest aspects of being in CCG is the ability to add to our collection of OEM certifications. We are certified in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Nissan and Hyundai. We will now be able to earn more OEM certifications such as GM, Ford, Land Rover, and even Porsche.

What Is OEM?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When we use parts from an original equipment manufacturer, we are using parts that were specifically made for that vehicle from the company who originally made them. Aftermarket parts, however, are not made by the manufacturer who made parts for your vehicle, but can be used as a replacement.

For more information on Certified Collision Group, visit their website:

We are excited for this new badge of excellence and are proud to provide such service to the Central Valley. Need auto body work done now? Give us a call at (209) 521-6570 or fill out our estimation form on our website.

We Are I-CAR Gold Class Certified!

What Is the I-CAR Gold Class Certification?

I-CAR is the industry standard for knowledge that contributes to complete, safe and quality repairs. I-CAR training for repair technicians at Burnside Body Shop increases performance, reduces risk and refines professionalism.

The I-CAR Gold Class Certification is the highest role-relevant recognition in the collision repair industry.

How Did We Become I-CAR Gold Class Certified?

Our staff has become I-CAR Platinum trained in four roles: Estimator, Non- Structural Technician, Steel Structural Technician and Refinish Technician. Our technicians must obtain and maintain their certification annually for Burnside Body Shop to keep the I-CAR Gold Class Certification.

Why Is the Certification important?

I-CAR Gold Class Certification is an indicator of our capability to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable on the yearly changes that the automotive industry has. If you have ever purchased a car, then you know that there are slight differences between the year prior and the year later. Sometimes the changes have to do with structure, technology, paint or engine performance. We stay informed on the changes so we aren’t met with surprises that we can’t handle when you bring your vehicle in for service.

If you have a damaged truck from the 1970’s or a sports car from 2020, we can fix it. Call us at 209-521-6570 or fill out our online estimation form.