Tips For Driving to Grandma’s For Thanksgiving

We know how exciting it is to get on the road for the holidays and relive your childhood through memories, good food and family. We also know that before you embark on that road trip, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle maintenance checked so you aren’t inconvenienced during your trip. Because let’s face it, expenses happen when we least expect it. Here is Burnside’s checklist to consider before you take your trip.

What Should I Check For? 

No matter the age of your vehicle, before that road trip to Grandma’s you should be observing your car for any maintenance needs, both big and small. Are you up to date on your oil change? Have you checked your tires? Are your taillights and headlights working properly? 

Remember, a little prevention goes a long way! 

The Maintenance Checklist


  • Rotation: Make sure your tires don’t need to be rotated – unbalanced tires can wear unevenly and eventually impact how smooth your drive is. 
  • Have a Spare: It’s better to have a spare and not need it than to need a spare and not have it. Make your you equip your car with a healthy spare. 
  •  Air Pressure: Essential for a long drive, make sure your tires have a sufficient amount of air and are equal. 
  • Tread: Make sure your tire is free from bald spots or punctures. If you can have it repaired, do it before the trip. If your tire is irreparable have them replaced.


  • Engine Oil: Make sure that you are up to date on your oil change. 
  • Radiator: Check your antifreeze levels and make sure you have a sufficient amount for your trip. 
  • Brake Fluid: Critical and sometimes overlooked, having a sufficient level of brake fluid can make the difference in avoiding a crash. 
  • Transmission: Ensure your vehicle has a suitable amount of transmission fluid. 
  • Windshield: Don’t let the bugs take over your windshield! Make sure your windshield fluid levels are adequate so you can easily keep your visibility up while you drive. 

The Rest: 

  • Lightbulbs: Burned out headlights and taillights can be a safety risk, so make certain they function normally. While you are at it, inspect your turn signal lights and parking lights. You could also update to LED light bulbs for brighter light and reduced power usage. 
  • Air Filter: An inexpensive fix – keep your ride comfortable with cleaner air as you embark on your long trip and replace your filter. 
  • Belts and Hoses:  Have your vehicle inspected for any leaks and have them replaced. 
  • Battery:  Look to ensure the battery terminals are not worn away and that the +/- terminals are tightened. If your automobile starts slowly you might need to replace your battery.
  • Brakes:  Having the ability to stop your automobile capably is key in preventing collisions. Changing your brake fluid, replacing the brake pads, and obtaining new brake rotors could be needed to have a risk-free vehicle for your trip.

Burnside Maintenance 

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Road Trip Ready! 

Now that you have your maintenance done, you and your family are ready to drive safely to Grandma’s! So enjoy the food, fun and festivities that is he holidays.