How To Find The Right Auto Body Shop

Selecting the right auto body shop is a challenge for many people. This is because many people with cars have limited mechanical knowledge and thus do not know what to look for when choosing the ideal auto body shop. This article highlights some of the factors to consider when selecting the perfect auto repair shop.

Ask For Recommendations

Ask for body shop recommendations! Start with your friends or their connections that are knowledgeable about auto body work. Ask them to guide or advise you on some of the places to take your vehicle after an auto accident. 

Also get an opinion from them on how they feel about the services that they received from different shops. If you choose to search on the internet, make sure that you concentrate on the ratings and the reviews that the previous customers have given the company.

Professional Certification

Don’t assume that all the auto body shops in your area are licensed to operate. Make sure that your car is not handled by quacks and is instead handled by the professionals by asking for their professional certifications.
The auto body shop should have a valid operating license and the relevant certifications for the repairs you are getting. The valid certifications and documents should be on public display for easier verification by the public.
At Burnside, we are backed by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) has independently verified that our facility, equipment, personnel, and overall capabilities meet the stringent standards set forth by the Verified Repair Network. Our body shop is equipped to repair all vehicle make and models. Link to blog post on Burnside certifications. 

Specialized Experience

Specialized experience matters when it comes to the selection of the ideal auto body repair shops. Try to find a company that has already been in business long enough to earn a solid reputation in the industry and has staff that are knowledgeable in providing recommendations for your auto body repair needs.

Ask About the Warranty

When selecting a body shop, don’t go in with your wallet open. You need to go in smart. Make sure you are asking some important questions:

  • Does the shop offer a written warranty?
  • How long is the warranty if it is offered?
  • Does your work affect any warranty I have on the product by the manufacturer? 

A minimum to look for when discussing a warranty is one year. Some shops even offer two and three-year warranties.
Keep in mind, while some auto body shops offer lifetime warranties, this is only on specific aspects of your body repair – like paint. Checking in with your manufacturer on warranties on part needed to repair your body damage is another great way to further protect yourself from coming out of pocket with costs.
Before you make a decision based on the benefit of having a warranty to back your purchase, make sure you also read the fine print about the warranty terms. It is important to know what the restrictions are and what your responsibilities are so that your warranty isn’t voided.
At Burnside, we offer a workmanship warranty and Lifetime Paint Performance guarantee using quality products.

Trust your Instincts 

Finally, listen to your gut instinct. It doesn’t matter how many positive reviews you’ve read or how many certifications a shop has; if you don’t feel good about leaving your car with a particular body shop, don’t use them. You deserve to feel confident that your vehicle is in good hands.

Finding the Right Body Shop is Not Impossible 

Finding a good auto body shop doesn’t have to be challenging, but you do need to use the tips and information here. The auto body repair advice provided will help ensure you choose the right service provider for the job.At Burnside Body Shop, we’re upfront with our customers because we know that this is not just our shop, it’s your shop. If you have more questions about the auto body repair process, visit our blog or get in touch with our professional staff. We are happy to help with your auto body repair needs.